Chronicles - Music for Trumpet & Organ inspired by the Chronicles of Man

  • Festival Appearances:

    • Festival Interceltique de Lorient - 2012, 2013, 2015

    • Liverpool University Festival of Ideas - 2014

    • Yn Chruinnaght - 2013, 2015

  • Prestigious Venues:

    • Catholic Cathedral, Liverpool, UK

    • Eglise Saint Louise, Lorient, France

    • Peel Cathedral, Isle of Man

  • Future Events:

    Future performances:

    Friday 28th December 2018

    Chronicles at Christmas

    Ramsey Music Society

    Ramsey, Isle of Man

About Chronicles

The Medieval Manuscript the 'Chronicles of Mann and Sudreys' mentions various locations, including the Isle of Man, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and even places as far away as Norway and Brittany.

The melodies we use come from these countries and we merge and fuse these ideas together with our own to create compositions for trumpet and organ.

The idea behind our musical collaboration is to explore traditional music from these countries and to adapt the music, interpret it and explore it.

Our musical format is slightly unusual in that it combines trumpet and organ - not the instruments you may initially associate with folk music - but it's an approach that has sparked a lot of interest.

Our limited edition EP "Prologue" is a sample of things to come, as the production of a full album is underway.

The full album will be our musical impression of the Isle of Man's influences and rich history - as documented in the Chronicles of Mann.

"Exquisite arrangements

of Manx and other music"

- Culture Vannin

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Russell Gilmour

Russell Gilmour graduated from the Royal College of Music in 2012, gaining a distinction in the ‘Master of Music in Historical Performance’ course. Prior to this, he studied the modern trumpet at the Royal Northern College of Music. Russell has very broad musical interests, but his expertise in performing and researching ancient music is most notable. A busy freelance musician, Russell has toured all over the world with highly prestigious orchestras and he is becoming increasingly in-demand as a soloist, sought-after to perform pieces such as Bach's notorious Second Brandenburg Concerto.

For further details about Russell, please visit: www.russellgilmour.co.uk

Twitter: @trumpetruss
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David Kilgallon

Born and brought up in the Isle of Man, David Kilgallon is a passionate composer and multi instrumentalist whose continuous ambition to explore the contrasts between musical cultures is creating explorative and refreshing performances. Over the last few years, his fascination of combining the rich, and largely untouched heritage of the Isle of Man with that of the raw energy behind other musical styles has vibrantly emerged through his skills on the Pipe Organ and Piano.

Examples of David’s recent Manx Heritage Foundation commissions can be found at: www.manxmusic.com

Twitter: @davekilgallon

'Prologue' - Limited Edition EP.

This 'Extended Play' (EP) Single gives a musical preview of our forthcoming album, which will feature music inspired by the medieval manuscript: the Chronicles of Mann.

This EP was released at the highly prestigious Festival Interceltique de Lorient in July 2013. The disc proved highly popular both among audience members and with concert promoters. The limited edition EP, "Prologue" will serve as a prologue to their forthcoming full album (work in progress).

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  • Blend of Modern & Ancient Instruments
  • Traditional Music
  • Modern Interpreters
  • Exquisite Arrangements
  • Exploring Sonority
  • Acoustic Space

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The Isle of Man

The Isle of Man, in its central location in the British Isles has had a unique and varied history, with influences from North, South, East and West.

The Island currently boasts a strong cultural identity and the Island's own Government 'Tynwald' support the arts and Manx language through the work of organisations such as the Isle of Man Arts Council and Culture Vannin.

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